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Samsung televisions such seeing that the DLP models are powered by some lamp in the back of the Tv. The lamp is responsible for the clear picture also color quality. When you notice the image or color quality begin to fade or they are not clear and crisp, it may well be free time to replace your television lamp unit. Lamps generally need replacement every pair to three long time also can be completed without calling some repair guy. Ordering a new lamp unit and subsequent a few steps will leave you with clear pretty image on your television.

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Things You'll Require

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1 Find the lamp code sticker on the right back panel about your Samsung TV. This sticker has the lamp type and code info you require to order the correct lamp.

2 Turn away your Samsung Tv plus unplug the unit from the wall electrical outlet. Permit the lamp and television to cool with at smallest 3 web site minutes before replacing the lamp bulb.

3 Locate the lamp protect on the Samsung Television. The lamp cover is located in the lower right on the back panel. Using a screwdriver, unscrew the screws holding the lamp cover within place. Most models have 4 screws, but may include upward to six screws. Place the screws with some safe location while you replace the lamp to avoid losing them. If you are uncertain of where to locate the lamp cover, consult your owner's guide.

4 Glide the lamp insure out of the back panel. Once the screws contain been removed, the panel will easily slide out by gently tugging the cover.

5 Locate and loosen the screws that are holding the lamp within place. Once loosened or removed, you will be capable to delicately pull the lamp out of the Tv. The lamp sits in a unit; the entire unit will be removed and replaced along along with the lamp.

6 Insert the new lamp unit into the lamp housing, replace the screws and tighten them to ensure the lamp unit yous secure.

7 Replace the lamp cover on the again regarding the television and replace the screws that protected the deal with in place.

In no way touch the goblet of the lamp; if the lamp is but comfortable or hot it can cause serious burns.

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Samsung: Replacing Your Samsung Tv Lamp Samsung: Troubleshooting Samsung Tvs . hlr utbildning.

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