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A contact lens is some lens that healthy over the cornea to help proper vision.

If you have on contact lenses, you know that irritation, discomfort or blurring can occur when your visions become dry. Visine To Contact Lenses is some sterile, lubricating eye drop that is harmless to be applied to the eye while wearing contact lenses. If irritation, pain or blurring occurs while you are wearing your lenses, any decline of the solution can moisten also obvious the lenses while refreshing your eyes. If discomfort, irritation or blurring keep on, remove the contact lenses.

Difficulty: Tolerably Easy


1 Tilt your mind backward. Hold the bottle of Visine For Contact Lenses about particular inch above your eye. Gently squeeze the bottle to location 1 to two drops on the eye.

2 Blink dual to three times. Lean your head forward and again blink a couple about times.

3 Repeat the process on the other eye if required.

4 Remove your contact lenses if discomfort carry on.

Tips & Warnings

Do not use regular Visine while wearing contact lenses. Visine For Make contact with is specially formulated to be safe and sound and gentle on speak to. Regular Visine can harm speak to and irritate your eyes while wearing contacts.

Photo Credit contact on finger image in Melking from Fotolia.com ;

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