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%TMPL:DEF{ATTACH:files:row(basic)}%| %A_ICON%<span class="twikiHidden">%A_EXT%</span> | <a href="%ATTACHURLPATH%/%ENCODE{%A_FILE%}%">%A_FILE%</a> | <a href="%SCRIPTURLPATH{"attach"}%/%WEB%/%TOPIC%?filename=%ENCODE{"%A_FILE%"}%;revInfo=1" title="%MAKETEXT{"change, update, previous revisions, move, delete..."}%" rel="nofollow">%MAKETEXT{"manage"}%</a> |  %A_SIZE%|<span class="twikiNoBreak">%A_DATE%</span> |%A_USER%  |%A_COMMENT%  |%TMPL:END%

%TMPL:DEF{ATTACH:files:row:A}%   1 [[%A_URL%][%A_FILE%]]
%{ <verbatim> }%

|*META FORM*|name="WebPaginaComum"|
|*FORM FIELD Título*|Ttulo|Gera Lista de Anexos de um Tópico|</verbatim>
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