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"Angry Birds" remains a puzzle game that casts the player as a flock of enraged fowl. The goal inside each level remains to destroy every pig on the stage. The player does this by flinging birds by them using an oversized slingshot. The "Halloween" addition features the very same gameplay with numerous ghoulish accents, such whereas jack-o'-lanterns and disembodied spirits. Level 1-6 pits the player against 5 pigs, and he receives four yellowish birds to destroy them by. From using the right method, he may finish them away along with only two.

Difficulty: Average

1 Target the first bird at the level where the bridge rendezvous the leftmost building. It will crash via the bridge, taking down the building with it. Once the debris settles, you should contain killed off two of the five zombie pigs.

2 Hurl the next bird slightly to the right of the first shot. It should collide with the two pigs within the basement of the rightmost building, killing the pigs and toppling the making. The final pig, which yous ready on top of the building, will fall and die.

3 Shoot the remaining birds at some pigs which you happened to miss with the first two shots. If you clear all the pigs by the first two shots, you get some 10,000-place bonus for each about your remaining birds.

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