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Exchange rate from English Pounds to Euros Calculator

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1 Look up the exchange rate from pounds to euros. Exchange rates can be found in newspapers or on the Online. A sample alternate rate is 1.25, which means that only British pound is valued at 1.25 euros.

2 Multiply the number about pounds you would for example to transform by the exchange rate. The product of this calculation is the number of euros that you will find from exchanging your currency.

3 Go to a bank or exchange counter to complete the transaction of exchanging currency. Numerous locations will charge a fee to exchanging your money. Examine charges of various establishments before deciding where to obtain foreign currency.

Tips & Warnings

Continue to be awake to date on the latest exchange rates before calculating how many euros you can get away from a particular number of pounds. This reduces confusion in the bank or change circumvent.

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United States Department of the Treasury: Exchange Rates New York Times: How to Get the Very best Exchange Rate (and Steer clear of Charges

Google: Currency Converter

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