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"The Impossible Quiz" is any web game made through the programmer Slapp-me-complete also originally published by means of Newgrounds in 2 website website7. Although being set up as a serious quiz game, it is with truth a collection of trick issues, non sequiturs plus other tests of a gamer's capability to think laterally. Question 19 on the game perceives participants confronted by way of a drawing of an alien called "Boggy" on a canvas, a collection of paint pots also any question asking them to complete the painting. While seeming troublesome in first, coloring within Boggy in order is really simple.


1 Load "The Impossible Quiz" game up and play through to question 19.

2 Click the blue paint can once.

3 Click the orange paint can once.

4 Click the green paint can twice.

5 Click the yellowish paint can once. The drawing on the easel must now be completely colored and the word "Masterpiece" appears at the bottom about the screen inside green text. Click "Go" to proceed.


Newgrounds: The Impossible Quiz Gamer's Hood: The Impossible Quiz Walkthrough

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