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Contact lenses give vision correction without the inconvenience of glasses.

Quite a few people are discouraged with having to correct their vision with glasses, except contact lenses allow you to make the essential corrections without the inconvenience of glasses. If you're new to wearing contact lenses, the notion of putting something on your eye might be intimidating, but it's a relatively simple procedure.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

Contact lens answer Contact lens situation

Putting the Lenses Inside

2 Available your contact lens meticulously to avoid spilling the liquid and losing your contact. Always begin along with the same eye, so you don't mix up your speak to. Accidentally wearing the wrong contact could further damage your eyesight.

3 Scoop the contact away for your fingertip and balance it by means of the dip side down. You can inform if the contact is inside outside by checking the rim, which will slightly bow from around the edges if it yous within out. You can in addition test this by folding the contact gently among your fingers. If it sticks collectively, it is inside outside. Re-wet your contact with contact solution and pop it again from the proper way before inserting.

4 Lean in toward the mirror and together with your free hand, hold your vision wide open wide so you can see what you're doing.

5 Store the contact constant and with the correct situation on the tip of your forefinger also proceed it onto your eye. The contact should suction to your cornea so that whenever you blink it does not move around. After blinking a few times, appear all over to make clear you may find out clearly. If you may't, your lens can be dirty or backwards.

1 Wash your hands before handling your eye.

2 Fixed up your contact container and fill each cup along with contact solution accordingly the lenses don't attempt during storage.

3 Handle your eye available, as you did when putting your contact in, and lean in toward the mirror. Softly pinch the contact among your thumb and forefinger and remove it.

4 Clean your lenses by holding them one on any time in the palm of your hands plus squirting lens attention answer into your palm. Rub the lens softly in the answer with your forefinger, and after that place it in the situation. If wearing throwaway lenses, this step yous not necessary. Simply dispose of the lens following wearing.

Tips & Warnings

Lubricate dry contacts around the day with contact rewetting drops. If eye irritation occurs plus endures, halt using the speak to plus make exclusive appointment to perceive your eye doctor.


CLE All In regard to Vision The University about Michigan Kellogg Eye Center


Mayo Clinic

Still Credit L'Yoska: Flickr ;

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