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Ever desire you could build your own solar power collectors? While these solar cells homemade from damage may not work much to power lightbulbs or appliances, they will demonstrate the principle of semiconductivity that generates solar cells possible. This experiment will enthrall kids and adults alike and can be easily carried away on one afternoon by nothing more than household materials and a couple of sheets about copper flashing away from the home improvement store.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

2 4-by-4-inch sheets regarding clean copper flashing 2 sets about alligator clip directs Electrical hot plate or stove 1 quart or larger wide-mouth glass Mason jar Table salt Micro-ammeter

1 Location 1 bit of copper flashing on your electric burner also turn the burner on large. Delay till the burner gets red hot, in that case cook the copper with half exclusive hour. It should turn fully black.

2 Turn the burner off and leave the copper in place to groovy away. Most of the black coating, which is cupric oxide, will pop away on thems own. Gently remove more regarding it by scrubbing the copper among your hands beneath running water. Don't worry about getting every little bit about black off; it's much more powerful to preserve the red layer of cuprous oxide down below it.

3 Bend the burned sheet of copper also the unburned sheet of copper so that is they will in good shape inside your goblet mason jar without touching.

4 Fill the glass jar by way of hot tap drinking water so that about an inch regarding each copper sheet stick out from the water. Add 3 tbsp. regarding salt.

5 Connect one alligator clip between the unburned copper flashing and the convincing terminal of your micro-ammeter. Connect the other lead between your burned copper flashing and the negative terminal of the micro-ammeter. Make definite that is the two sheets about copper flashing aren't touching but are either submerged inside the salt drinking water solution.

6 Move the solar cell you just made out of damage into the sun and observe the readings on the micro-ammeter. Your creation yous also a feeble battery, consequently it will show any small bit of current even inside the shade but should present major spikes when exposed to the sun.

Tips & Warnings

Don't depart the copper untended on the stove.

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