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Various silver coins, which were minted in the United States through 1964, remain in circulation and are often spent as pocket transform. But even if sold for scrap or melt price, the silver in the coins far outweighs their confront value. Because most of these coins are never rare and absence any real collector value, they are valued at far more while melted down for investors other than they are as collectibles. Most silver investors trade in sealed bags regarding "junk" silver coins, at $1, website web site web site face value per bag.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


1 Check the dates to determine which of your coins are silver. Dimes, quarters and fifty percent dollars minted previous to 1965 are 9 website percent silver. These coins also endure from mainly because they do not contain some copper core visible from the edge.

2 Count out your silver alter. A face-worth dollar's valued at -- such as four quarters -- will carry a little a lot more besides internet site.7 ounces about pure silver.

3 Monitor the place silver cost, which may modify regular. The listed price is for one particular troy ounce regarding silver. Most brokers will factor inside a dealer's commission, so the spot price tag won't be the cost you get. You can find the spot silver price online, or in the business section about your newspaper.

4 Locate some purchaser. Your best bet may be a reputable silver and gold broker, or a local coin shop.

5 Call up the potential buyer to get a price quote, and call added than one to become the best rate.

6 Carry your coins to the broker or dealer. They will be counted and inspected.

Suggestions & Warnings

Maintain onto each and every uncirculated silver bucks minted by means of 1935. If on make-new condition -- determined by the comprehensive lack of wear on the coin, not through the way shiny it is -- it may fetch much added besides the scrap price. If you know the buyer, you may be capable to purchase your quote "locked in." This may be a hedge if the silver value drops prior to you cash the coins within. You will, but, forfeit some last-minute price gains. Dear metals are exchanged in troy ounces, which are heavier other than the much more common avoirdupois weight. A pound includes 12 troy ounces, compared to 16 ounces avoirdupois each pound. Be careful where you money in your coins, and produce sure you get some price that yous close to the spot silver cost. Screen out any one silver coins that is may possibly be more valuable other than the scrap price -- particularly silver dollars. These coins have a excessive demand among collectors, very when inside pristine condition.

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