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You can create your own display situation or cabinet away about transparent acrylic to indicate away your Challenge coins. Really ask your local craft store where you can purchase the acrylic to cut it to the accurate dimension you need. An acrylic box will protect your coins out of dust, and it will help to keep them safe from burglary. Acrylic is an superb medium for some coin display box since it’s translucent and it won’t shatter.

Difficulty: Average


Measuring tape or ruler One 1 website-inch by 1 website-inch from 1/4-inch acrylic bit Dual 1 website-inch by means of 9 3/4-inch by 1/4-inch acrylic bits Two 9 1/2-inch by 9 3/4-inch through 1/4-inch acrylic pieces Acrylic glue (pointed applicator involved) Acrylic cleaner Paper towels

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1 Measure your Challenge coins and decide the way big you want to generate your display box. With example, you may wish to generate your box 1 website inches via 1 website inches in 1 website inches. Leave the bottom part open so you can easily place the box over the top about your coins to display on a counter or table.

2 Place unique of the 1 website-inch via 9 3/4-inch pieces on a table best. Choose unique of the 9 1/2-inch by way of 9 3/4-inch pieces also place the longer edge at a 9 internet site-level angle to the short part of the bit that is resting on the tabletop.

3 Put any thin line about glue against the inner seam of the two pieces using a pointed applicator. The glue will seep from between the double acrylic pieces. Hold the bits in place to a few minutes, in that case release them plus allow the glue to dry for 2 web site minutes.

4 Repeat steps 2 also 3 with the second 9 1/2-inch from 9 3/4-inch piece. Position it on the opposite side of the first 9 internet site-level angle in buy to make the acrylic pieces type a U-shape.

5 Location the 2nd 1 website-inch in 9 3/4-inch acrylic side piece on the tabletop. Carefully lift the partly finished U-shaped box and place the open side onto the piece that is flat on the tabletop. Glue along the two seams and hold the pieces jointly for a few moments. Allow the pieces stand alone for 2 website minutes.

6 Set the last acrylic bit flat on the tabletop. Put some about the open ends regarding the box on top of the piece that is flat on the tabletop also glue all four of the seams. Permit the box to waterless for 24 hours.

Tips & Warnings

Use acrylic cleaner and document towels to clear the box.

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Duboisi: Producing Your Own Acrylic Aquarium You Tube: The way to Build some Box For Plastic

coins picture from Tomasz Nowicki out of Fotolia.com

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