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"Angry Birds" for the iPhone has a lot more than 5 website million people slinging birds to carry back the nest's stolen eggs from those pesky pigs. But deeper inside the game lie special Golden Eggs which unlock new levels. Understanding how to get them remains half the battle.

Difficulty: Tolerably Challenging


1 Buy 3 stars on all levels to earn a Golden Egg for every arranged.

2 Watch the credits all the way by means of. There's a Golden Egg by the end.

3 Pause the game on any level plus tap the "?" to get other Golden Egg.

5 Double-tap the sun on the level select screen.

6 Zoom out on 4-7 and hit the Golden Egg in the best-right corner.

7 Break the seaside ball on level 2-2.

8 Pop the yellow balloon found under the treehouse on level 6-14 on the "Danger Above" level establish. Hit the egg on degree 8-15 underneath the slingshot platform. On the "Danger Over" level variety screen, drag the screen to the right to find some hidden egg.

9 Zoom out to secure the a bird together with a hard hat on level 9-14 and hit it on "The Large Setup" level collection. Hit the duck beneath the bridge on level 1 website-3. Zoom out to observe the egg on the left under the slingshot and strike it.

1 internet site

Ruin the trophy in the middle of 12-12 on the "Ham 'Em High" level set. Zoom outside and place the egg on 13-1 website and hit it. Shoot a bright bird backwards on 13-12 also shoot out an egg on the back regarding the hill. Zoom out and hit the Golden Egg with the top-proper corner.


AngryBirdsNest? .com: Angry Birds Complete Golden Eggs Walkthrough PDA-247: The way to Uncover the Golden Eggs on Angry Birds Playhaven: The way in which to Get All the Golden Eggs

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